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SlurryMonster™ is a complete, end-to-end slurry management system that can help implement safe, efficient, and compliant methods for proper waste management, treatment, containment, and disposal for any job size, from a few gallons to millions of gallons. SlurryMonster™ Systems and products are compliant with EPA, Local, State, and Federal Regulations.


Slurry is a watery insoluble mixture of portland cement, water, and additives that contain high pH (alkaline) sediments which are considered hazardous pollutants that are unacceptable for direct disposal in storm drains, landfills and dumpsters.

Not having proper slurry management, containment, and disposal methods in place, it can be a huge expense to both the company producing the slurry and the environment if not handled correctly. This type of ‘runoff’ can devastate local waterways, erode metal, disrupt and destroy natural food vegetation, fish and wildlife to name a few, because these contaminants drain directly into our natural water sources without receiving treatment.



SlurryPack Systems are the core of SlurryMonster™, and the most complete solution we offer for slurry remediation. Whether you’re looking for a system to tackle a small job, to the largest and most extreme, we have your answer. From just a few gallons to millions, we’ll help you stay compliant and ease the usually tasking job of slurry disposal.

  • Tote Systems
  • Dumpster Systems
  • Tube Systems
  • Bag Systems


WastePack is the ultimate system for waste disposal including spill protection for waterways. This system can be used for small and large jobs. Provides a barrier and secondary containment for sludge and liquids with easy removal and disposal.

  • WastePack Tote
  • WastePack Dumpster


WaterPack systems are designed to convert readily available containers into non-potable water storage devices.

  • WastePack Tote
  • WastePack Dumpster


HazPack systems are complete solutions that enable you to dispose of hazardous and non-hazardous materials safely. Our patent-pending totes have zipper top closures which protect against cross-contamination and dangerous exposure.

  • HazPack Tote
  • HazPack Dumpster


We’ve made it easy to keep spills contained with our SpillPack Systems, which include everything you need for secondary containment to stay compliant with on-site job spills. Choose from Standard Duty to Heavy Duty. Small to large jobs, we’ve got you covered.

  • SpillPack 6 x 6
  • SpillPack 12 x 12
  • SpillPack 12 x 60
  • SpillPack 12 x 4
  • SpillPack 12 x 30





Slurry Monster Product

SlurryMonster’s unique and proprietary blends will ensure you have the right chemicals to get the job done effectively.


LUCID™ line of products have been engineered using proprietary granular blends that help maintain pH balances of wastewater and concrete slurry by raising or lowering the pH levels to acceptable measures needed for recycling and proper disposal.

Concrete slurry and wastewater pH levels can vary due to multiple variables from one project or region to another, so in order to maintain and neutralize pH balances that are compliant with EPA, Local, State and Federal Regulations, using LUCID™ Chemicals will ensure to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

LUCID™ line of products have been color coded to litmus testing strips making it easier to determine which treatment is needed based on the pH ranges you’re dealing with by looking at the packaging.

pH Treatment Ranges:

  • HB (High Base) 11+
  • MB (Medium Base) 9.5 – 11
  • LB (Low Base) 8 – 9.5
  • N (Neutral) 6.5 – 8
  • LA (Low Acid) 5 – 6.5
  • MA (Medium Acid) 3 – 5
  • HA (High Acid) 1 – 3


  • (30) – 16oz. Single-Dose (Packaged in a 5 Gallon pail) 
  • Each Single Packet is Perfectly Measured to Maintain pH Balance

SlurryMonster Separator

SlurryMonster™ Separator is a proprietary blend designed to suspend slurry, transforming the slurry into a recyclable and filterable matter to prepare for proper disposal, and in compliance. Our solution is a clay-based blend of polymers that prepare the slurry for advanced dewatering and disposal.


  • Rapid Separating Solution
  • Leaves Water Clear & pH Balanced
  • Protects from Environmental Fines
  • Compliant Disposability to Recycle Water
Slurry Separator Pail


  • Single Dose Samples
  • 5 Gallon Pails
  • (30) – 16oz. Single-Dose Packets (Packaged in a 5 Gallon Pail)

SlurryMonster Dehydrator

SlurryMonster™ Dehydrator is a non-hazardous solidifying product designed with super-absorbent materials that can absorb and retain up to 300 times its weight of free liquid in high pH wastewater.

Its fast-acting solidifying and non-leaching technology produces a compliant landfill-ready solid that complies with EPA regulations by passing its testing methods:Paint FilterTest 9095B Test Method and Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP).


  • Solidifies slurry immediately
  • Reduces processing time
  • Easy disposal
  • Passes EPA testing for compliant landfill disposal
  • Absorbs 200-300 times its weight
  • Environmentally friendly
Slurry Dehydrator Pail


  • Single Dose Samples
  • 5 Gallon Pails
  • (30) – 16oz. Single-Dose Packets (Packaged in a 5 Gallon Pail)

SlurryMonster Tank Cleaner

SlurryMonster™ Tank Cleaner is a safe, non-toxic cleaning solution designed to separate slurry or slurry solutions. Our proprietary blend Tank Cleaner provides hydrochloric cleaning technology to avoid solid buildup and prepares the tank for advanced dewatering.

When added to slurry, the solids begin separating at a rapid pace collecting on the bottom, leaving the water above clear while remaining loose enough to be emptied out of a tank.


  • Instantly dissolves all hardened slurry and rust from equipment, tooling, and sponges
  • EPA 9095B paint filter test compliant
  • Rapid separation
  • Granular form to be used with FilterPack technology
Slurry Tank Pail


  • Single Dose Samples
  • (30) – 16oz. Single-Dose Packets (Packaged in a 5 Gallon Pail)

Slurry Bags / Filters


Not having a Slurry Management and Disposal Plan in place, outlining best practices for handling concrete slurry can be very costly. Educate and familiarize yourself and your employees on all the Federal, State, and Local Regulations that apply and products that are available for slurry management, then implement your Slurry Management and Disposal Plan.

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