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Colloidal Silica Technology

Colloidal Silica Sphere

ReflectiCUT® Cutting & Refining Enhancer is a uniquely engineered formulation designed using colloidal silica, which penetrates deeper into the sub surface due to its nano sized molecules and hydrophilic properties.  ReflectiCUT® becomes highly reactive as soon as it hits the high pH surface, where it begins cross-linking and bonding with the concrete’s mix-design, filling micro voids and capillaries by creating new cementitious compounds that are permanently bonded with the concrete.  This proven scientific technology creates a denser and harder slab that extends its service life and performance.

ReflectiCUT®’s unique design creates a reactive abrasive technology that maximizes tooling performance. When mixed with the concrete dust shavings, it produces an extremely fine-grit abrasive slurry that enhances the diamond’s cutting capabilities to rapidly remove concrete stock. At the same time, ReflectiCUT® creates a self-grouting compound from the highly reactive slurry that chemically bonds back to the surface filling micro pinholes and heals surface crazing, making it ideal for an imperfect or damaged slab.
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400-600 SF2 / Gal. (10–15 m2/L) *

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< 50 g/L


5 Gallon Pail // 18.9 L

55 Gallon Drum // 208 L

275 Gallon Tote // 1,040 L

Consult Technical Data Sheet and SDS for further details regarding application instructions and safe use of this and all products.




To further enhance ReflectiCUT® Cutting & Refining Enhancer’s capabilities, use REFLECTIVE FLOOR® REFYNE® Tooling which has been designed and engineered with the latest ‘Cutting Edge’ Technology that essentially shaves the peaks/top layers of concrete that are typically left by traditional aggressive abrasives.
Concrete Cracking Floor
Metal Chain
Trowel Grinding


  • Fast Reacting Formulation
  • Faster Refinement
  • Extends Tooling Life Enhancing Capabilities
  • Self-Grouting System for Exact Color Matching
  • Increases Efficiencies & Productivity
  • Extends the Life and Performance of Concrete Floors
  • Significantly Increases Surface Hardness & Subsurface Density
  • Fills Micro-voids of All Sizes
  • Zero VOCs
  • Leaves No Stray Swirls
  • Sustainable System
  • Cross-Links with All REFLECTIVE FLOOR® Products


Compliant with the following National, State, and District for all US EPA AIM VOC Regulations:

  • US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • California Air Resources Board SCM Districts (CARB)
  • South Coast Air Quality Management District(SCAQMD)
  • Maricopa County, AZ
  • Northeast Ozone Transport Commission
  • Qualifies for LEED® Credits
  • LBC Red List Compliant
  • National Floor Safety Institute
  • OSHA & ADA Non-Slip Requirements


meets or exceeds the following tests:

  • ASTM C-1353: Abrasion Resistance
  • ASTM C-779: Abrasion Resistance
  • ASTM C-642: Density, Absorption, and Voids
  • ASTM E-303: Surface Frictional Properties
  • ASTM L-34: Depth of Penetration