Cure Concrete Faster while Maintaining CONTROL

Reflective Floor® Concrete Placement & Finishing System is a 2-part curing and hydrating system that provides many benefits and advantages for not only the Contractors / Finishers, but also for Owners, GC’s, Architects, and their Clients.

CPF products penetrate the cap over 1” inch in depth, creating an even-hydration vapor barrier designed to retain 97% of the placement water which ultimately eliminates volume loss which causes shrinkage, cracking, and curling.  The CPF System substantially increases surface integrity resulting in exceedingly high and stable FF/FL numbers, high abrasion resistance, strength, longevity, and high-gloss finishes.

Contractors will gain the CONTROL over the curing and finishing processes instead of the concrete having control over them!

You mentioned this is a 2-Part System, what are the 2-Parts?

The CPF System requires the use of two separate products, ReflectiXTENDER Finishing Aid and ReflectiFIER CPF Densifier*, and they must be used in sequential order to attain maximum results. It is recommended to use CPF System in applications that require a highly refined surface with attainable FF / FL numbers, maximum hardness, durability, and reflective gloss finish.

*There are NO compatible densifier substitutes for this system. ReflectiFIER Densifier is specifically designed to be used ONLY for the CPF System.


Do these products retard or extend set times? YES &NO.

Some people have the misconception that these products retard or extend the hours &/or days it takes to cure, they do not but instead, they keep the slab and surface area very evenly hydrated resulting in consistent curing rates in all types of weather.

Retards set times in hot weather so there is no need to add any type of a retardant material to the mix-design to help extend workability and does not extend set times when using in colder weather. The chemical phenomena being experienced is that the slab is maintaining both the subsurface and surface moisture enabling the Finisher a longer window of time to properly finish the surface.

What about all the ‘traditional’ methods of curing & finishing I’ve always used?

Reflective Floor® Concrete Placement & Finishing System is formulated using the latest chemical advancements that when used properly, eliminates the need to use any traditional curing methods that affect the maturity of the concrete, such as when using water / moisture, heat, coverings, evaporation reducers, &/or film-forming curing compounds that results with inconsistent results over and over.

  • Does Not Alter the water-to-cement (w/c) Ratio as a Result from Bleeding Slabs
  • Reduces Drag
  • Achieve Hard Troweled Surfaces Without Over-Troweling
  • Eliminates False Sets
  • Allows for Clean, Precise Cuts for Control Joints
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What’s in it for me? How does this system help my bottom line?

Allows Contractors to cure and finish the same day as placement! Overall reduces labor and project downtime by completing projects ahead of schedule.  No need to wait 28 days using traditional curing methods with water, coverings, other types of concrete additives, or a Contractor’s time baby-sitting the slab.

Quality reflects on your company's reputation!

Grow your business by being known for delivering floors that substantially increases the concrete’s structural integrity while also providing a highly sustainable floor that is environmentally friendly!



Is the Reflective Floor® Concrete Placement & Finishing System ASTM C309, E96, and C156 compliant? YES.

These products exceed the minimum ASTM C309 qualifications for curing agents. The use of other curing products in conjunction with these products are not needed. They are the first non-film forming curing systems to exceed performance of ASTM E96 and C156 requirements for slab moisture retention.

How do these products meet or exceed these requirements?

These products have been formulated using nano sized components that are engineered to be highly reactive with the concrete mix-design forming internal bonds that close capillaries forming an internal membrane / vapor barrier within the surface of the slab, eliminating transmission of water and vapor.

What are ideal applications for REFLECTIVE FLOOR® CPF SYSTEM?

Anyone wanting a sustainable solution that delivers highly refined surfaces with attainable FF / FL numbers, maximum hardness, durability, high abrasion resistance, extended service life and high reflective gloss.

Have CONTROL from the Beginning to the End with the Initial Pour, Placement / Finishing, and Polish! ELIMINATE RISKS!!!

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