ReflectiHARD Densifier

ReflectiHARD Densifier is formulated utilizing reactive colloidal silica technologies that are specifically designed with highly reactive compounds that deeply penetrate the slab due to its nano sized molecules and hydrophilic properties.  ReflectiHARD chemically reacts with the concrete and cross-links with previously used ReflectiFLOOR products filling micro-voids by creating new reactive cementitious compounds that are permanently bonded together resulting in the slab being densified into a solid mass. 

ReflectiHARD provides long-term sustainability by improving surface performance and extending its service life by creating an extremely abrasion resistant floor that permanently dust proofs and resists the harmful effects of heavy traffic-wear.


  • Fast Reacting Formulation
  • Significantly Increases Surface Hardness & Subsurface Density
  • Improves Abrasion Resistance for Long Term Durability
  • Dust Proofs
  • Blocks Efflorescence
  • Prevents ASR
  • Increases Resistance to Liquid Penetration and Staining
  • Increases Impact Resistance
  • Does Not Yellow or Whiten Concrete
  • Ready to Use Formula
  • Contributes to Green Initiatives