ReflectiSHEILD Densifier is a blended formulation that when used in conjunction with ReflectiFLOOR’s reactive colloidal silica technologies, there are more reactive sites for ReflectiSHIELD to chemically cross-link and bond with to further increase surface hardness and density.

ReflectiSHIELD chemically reacts with both the colloidal silica and the free lime in the concrete matrix creating additional calcium silicate hydrates (CSH) which becomes a permanent part of the slab, while also filling near surface voids due to its larger reactive nano particle size.

ReflectiSHEILD creates a tight bond with the concrete which increases abrasion resistance, strength, durability, reduces dusting and forms a hydrophobic water and stain resistance to further extend the service life and performance of the concrete floor.


  • Extends the Life and Performance of Concrete Floors Significantly Increases Surface Hardness & Density Increases Abrasion Resistance
  • Dust-Proofs
  • Exceptional Product to Use on Porous Concrete Increased Stain Resistance
  • Protection from Moisture & Efflorescence
  • VOC Compliant
  • Non-Yellowing
  • Cross-Links with All Reflective Floor Products