REFYNE® Sintered Press Metals

REFYNE Sintered Press Product
REFYNE® Sintered Metals have been designed and engineered utilizing the latest ‘cutting edge’ technologies of high-quality metal components and manufacturing processes. Each segment has been uniquely engineered having different segment-gradients with the highest being the leading edge which essentially shaves the peaks/top layers of concrete that are typically left by traditional aggressive abrasives.  REFYNE® Sintered Metal’s ‘cutting-edge’ design enhances the diamond’s refinement capabilities by not creating new or additional valleys/scratches resulting in a smoother, clean-cut refined surface in very few passes.

Using REFYNE® Sintered Metals in conjunction with ReflectiCUT® Concrete Cutting & Refining floor treatment will substantially enhance the diamond’s cutting capabilities, boosts productivity by reducing time, labor and tooling required to grind.  Highly recommended to use ReflectiCUT® on hard slabs and for refining imperfect or damaged concrete surfaces.


  • Built for Endurance & High-Performance
  • Incomparable Scratch Removal
  • Longer Life Due to Low Wear Rates
  • Consistent Stock Removal & Refinement
  • Maximum Productivity
  • Reduction in Labor & Tooling Costs


  • Diameter: 3″ (76mm)
  • Velcro Backing
  • Wet or Dry Process



*Wear rates can vary based on but not limited to surface hardness, profile, roughness, porosity, application technique, RPM, forward speed, and machine down pressure.
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