REFYNE® Phenolic Polishing Diamonds

REFYNE Phenolic Tri Product
REFYNE® Phenolic Polishing Diamonds are specifically designed for dry polishing only. They are manufactured using an even distribution of high-quality diamond abrasives bonded with premium phenolic resin components that will not leave any resin transfer.
Excellent choice to use on soft, medium, or hard concrete. The proprietary mix-design provides high reflectivity, clarity, longevity, and consistent performance.


  • High-Performance
  • High Clarity and Gloss
  • Designed for Long Life
  • Flexible for Uneven/Wavy Surfaces  
  • No Resin Transfer


  • Diameter: 3″ (76 mm)
  • Thickness: 3mm
  • Foam Riser Adhered with Velcro Backing (Approx. 1/8”)
  • Dry Process Only



*Wear rates can vary based on but not limited to surface hardness, profile, roughness, porosity, application technique, RPM, forward speed, and machine down pressure.
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